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A front screen window of a residence was damaged sometime between 05/27/2015 and 05/29/2015. It appeared someone used a blunt object to attempt to gain access to the residence but was unsuccessful.

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Mr. ADKINS the defendant was involved in an arguement with another male at this location. When the other individual was leaving this location he was confronted by the defendant. The defendant continued to challenge theother individual to hit him and he would not let the victim get into his vehicle...

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On June 4th 2015 at 0914 hrs Carlisle Police were dispatched to Walmart for an active retail theft. Jean-Luc Gelinas had selected and concealed various automotive accessories and left the store without paying. He was located in his vehicle in the parking lot and was in possession of the items...


Black male came into Sunoco and attempted to purchase one pack of Newport Shorts cigarettes. When his credit card was denied, he grabbed the cigarettes and ran out the door. He left in a newer model Black Jeep.

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