Camp Hill Borough Documentation indicates that prior to 1911, Police Services were provided to the Borough by State Constables. On May 11, 1911 Camp Hill Borough appointed its first Chief of Police, W. A. Deverter.

In 1911 the General Fund Budget for Camp Hill Borough was $3,974.00 with a Police Department Budget of $48.00.  In comparison to Camp Hill’s General Fund Budget for 2011 is over $4,400,000.00 with the Police Department’s budget set at $ 1,210,451.00.

Camp Hill Borough Council Meeting Minutes list the appointments of Police Officers as Donald Fachts (1924), Harry Stone (1924), M. Roy Hamlin (1924), C.A. Honofous (1925), E.A. Carr (1927).

Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s the Police Department’s officers increased in number. During that era, the Department’s size ranged between five (5) and eight (8) Officers. Officers such as Bernard Ross [Chief of Police], Charles McClure, Wallace Hoag, Robert Wetzler, Howard Weber, Robert Wagner, Robert Kehler, Larry Gannon and William Donovan should be familiar to some of our long time Camp Hill Borough Residents.

Although there were Camp Hill Borough Police Officers prior to 1960, the Camp Hill Borough Police Department was officially established and recognized through Ordinance on May 9, 1960.

The 70’s and 80’s brought about numerous changes and new faces within the Police Department. In 1970, a new Chief of Police, Andrew C. Janssen was appointed, a position he held until August of 1989. During the early 1970’s the Department increased in size to twelve (12) Officers, new faces such as Robert Manlove, Timothy Lamprey, Joseph Adams, Gregory Ammons, Donald Tappan, James McNaughton, Glenn Thompson, Thomas Olsen, John Walton, Gary Madenfort, Edward Kozicki, William Olsen, Samuel Miller, Donald Rynard and Michael Bingham joined the Senior Officers of the Department.

In 1988, the Department created the new position of Safety Officer. The Safety Officer being a cross trained Sworn Police Officer with qualifications as a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Again, several new faces, Michael Duggan, David Pepperman and Michael Hope joined the Department as our first Safety Officers.

In August of 1989, after nineteen (19) years of service with the Department, Chief Andrew C. Janssen retired and Chief of Police, Gregory J. Ammons took over the leadership of the Department.

Additional changes of Departmental Personnel in the 90’s began with officers Michael L. Hope and Debra A. Brown being hired in 1990.  In 1995 Officers John Kidman, Scott Cornelious and Lane Pryor joined the Department and in 1996, Officer Douglas Hockenberry came on board.

In 1996 the Department hired Donna K. (Lindsey) Hope as a civilian Administrative Assistant, a position that was formerly held by a police officer.

In 2008 the Safety Officer Program was abolished and Safety Officers Pryor and Hockenberry became Patrol Officers within the department.

In 2010 Officers Jeffery Huff, Todd Harrer and Chad Tate were hired.

In 2013 Chief Ammons retired after 41 years of service. Chief Ammons rose from Patrol Officer to Corporal, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant and Chief of Police.  Upon Chief Ammons retirement Douglas S. Hockenberry became the Chief of Police in October 2013.

In 2014 the Department hired officers Joseph Capers, Ryan McClure and Tricia Moench.

In 2016 the Department hired officer Joshua Fruhwirth.

Currently the Department has eleven (11) officers and one (1) civilian employee, consisting of two Sergeants (Kidman & Bingham), nine (9) Patrol Officers (Cornelious. Pryor, Huff, Harrer, Tate, Capers, McClure, Moench, and Fruhwirth), and our Administrative Assistant (Donna Hope).

In 2018 the Camp Hill Police Department created a School Resource Officer Position and currently staffs the Camp Hill Schools with a full time sworn Police Officer.

Stephen L. Margeson was appointed as the Chief of Police in October 2018.  Chief Margeson served as Carlisle Borough Police Chief for 26 years.