Armed Home Invasion



On 12/25/14 at 0040 hours officers were dispatched to the 1st block of E North St for a report of an armed home invsion. Victims reported two black males came into the apartment and displayed a handgun. The male with the gun was described as 6' tall, skinny and wearing a camo hoodie jacket. He held up the hoodie up with one hand to conceal his face and walked directly to the bedroom.While in the bedroom he made the victim empty his pockets while holding the gun to his head. The other male is described as wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and cinched to conceal his face. He stayed in the living room with the other victim. Both actors had their sleeves pulled over their hands to prevent leaving any fingerprints and one even made sure to wipe down the door handle as he left the scene. The actors left with several hundred in cash. Any information concerning this case should be reported to 243-5252.

Thursday, December 25, 2014 (All day)
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