Drug Enforcement Operation



The Carlisle Police Department and the Cumberland County Drug Task Force have teamed up to address the pervasive heroin and fentanyl epidemic that has tragically affected many of our citizens.  These two drugs have contributed to countless overdoses and overdose deaths in Cumberland County.  In late 2017, a multi-phase enforcement effort started with the purpose of arresting those who are responsible for introducing these poisons into Carlisle. 

The first phase of the enforcement effort resulted in 26 arrests of people selling illegal drugs on numerous occasions.

“I personally want to thank the Carlisle Borough Police Department and the Cumberland County Drug Task Force for their excellent police work in making these 26 arrests.  There is no question that these arrests have made a significant impact on heroin trafficking in the Carlisle area.  I would hope that these arrests will lead to a reduction of overdoses in Cumberland County.” – M.L. Ebert Jr. Cumberland County District Attorney

The attached photos contain the suspects arrested during this phase of the operation.  Each person arrested had been previously identified as an active heroin dealer in Carlisle.  Some were also known to sell other substances in addition to heroin.  Their charges are reflective of that fact.

The Carlisle Police Department has and will continue to make arrests when warranted. It is our mission to make the Borough of Carlisle a safe place to live, work and visit.  We believe the arrests of these subjects will help save lives from the effects of drugs in our community” - Taro D. Landis, Chief of Police

The enforcement effort will continue as the Carlisle Police Department and Cumberland County Drug Task Force move to the second phase of the operation.  More arrests are expected as the operation proceeds.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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