Carlisle Police has seen an uptick in scam/fraud related cases over the past month.  Recent scams have involved warrant scams, bail scams, and overcharging of service scams. 

Scammers will often call a victim posing as a relative or an attorney of a relative. The scammer will tell the victim the relative was involved in a crash or other crime and in need of bail money to get out of jail.  Scammers will ask the victim to obtain cash and transfer the cash to a courier who comes to the house.  The scammer may also tell the victim to advise banks tellers the money is for home remodeling projects or other legitimate expenses.  CPD has seen a trend in the Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey areas with this type of scam. 

CPD has reports of scammers posing as Law Enforcement officers and advising the victim that a relative has an active warrant.  The scammer may ask for cash or for the victim to purchase gift cards and provide the card numbers and pin codes to the scammer.  Scammers will try to keep the victim on the phone and make statements to the victim that the gift cards must be purchased immediately or the arrest warrant will not be canceled.  

Another scam involves suspects posing as a business service provider.  The scammer will tell the victim they have been overcharged for a service and that the victim has to reimburse the business by purchasing gift cards.  The scammer may also tell the victim to download computer programs that allow the scammer to control the victim's computer.  

CPD is emphasizing that you should not provide gift cards numbers and pin codes to anyone over the phone.  Law Enforcement authorities will not ask for payments over the phone or by purchasing gift cards.  You should not provide cash payments to any strangers and do not download any programs from unsolicited callers.  Please call and verify the status of relatives prior to making any purchases at the requests of a caller.  You should attempt to collect any phone numbers, business names, or email addresses of the caller.  Then report the incident to your local Police.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - 2:00pm

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