Civilian Safety


It is clear that in many ways, the world is not becoming a safer place.  We here at the Carlisle Police Department understand our responsibility in trying to respond to situations with professionalism, training, equipment, and a problem solving mindset.  Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere at all times to protect citizens when dangerous events first begin. 

We have a goal to also help protect citizens by equipping them to better prepare their faith based organizations, businesses, clubs, etc with methods to protect themselves.  With the appropriate conversations / training, citizens can help reduce their susceptibility to a tragic event and reduce the level of devastation if a tragic event still takes place. 

Several Carlisle organizations have already taken advantage of this in order to better protect themselves but we know so many are still vulnerable. 

If your organizations is interested in beginning those conversations with one of our certified active assailant instructors, please reach out to Lieutenant Dave Miller at