IRS Phone Scam Calls

The Lower Allen Township Police Department is receiving an increased number of reported IRS phone scam calls from residents. The callers are advising that the person receiving the call owes money to the IRS and if they don’t immediately send money they will be arrested. There are numerous variations of this scam from wiring money to a specific bank account to paying with iTunes cards. The IRS will not call you to tell you that you owe them money.

Even if you do owe on back taxes, the IRS will not immediately get a warrant for your arrest.

The IRS has established a website where persons receiving such calls can file a report. Go to and complete the on-line form. The Lower Allen Township Police Department should only be notified when victims suffer a pecuniary loss.

Please be aware that new scams are conceived every day. There are unscrupulous people who think of new ways to try to get you to give them your money. Be very cautious of sending money to anyone who calls you on the phone or giving them your personal information.