Scam Alert

Scam Alerts- 

An old scam being used again now is where the bad guy calls you and says he is from the IRS and you owe money. He says they will take your information over the phone to pay it or they will come arrest you right now. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! The IRS never calls you and demands payment over the phone. Just hang up. If they call back, hang up again. It is YOUR phone.

Another phone scam is the someone calls you and tells you that a relative or grand child is in jail and needs bail money. They want you to provide numbers over the phone to post bail. Usually they ask for untraceable card numbers from Western Union. Call your local police and verify that the relative is in jail and needs bail money. If a relative IS in jail and needs bail, THEY will call you. Not a stranger.

If someone comes to your door and wants to come in and check water, sewer lines or electric, demand to see the uniform and photo ID. If you are in doubt, it is probably a scam to get in and steal from you. They work in pairs or more and one distracts you while the others go through your home. Follow your instincts. Do not let them enter. When in doubt, call the utility BEFORE you let them in.

It is spring and driveway scams are floating up The pitchman always has "extra" material left over from a job around the corner and noticed that you need work done. He wants to give you the material at a reduced price. Say no and call the police. They probably don't have a solicitors permit and the police will want to meet these people and write down their information. You may save a neighbor from this scam by calling the police.

REMEMBER - if you did not call the repairman and they come to your door to offer you a deal, close the door and say no. Call the police right away to report possible scams. Stay safe and save a neighbor from these scams.