Today we honor Officer John L. Beisser, Pa. Railroad Police

John Lewis Beisser was killed 102 years ago today. He was born April 14, 1880 in Watsontown, Pennsylvania. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War, having served with Co. D., 12th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry Reserves.

At the time of his murder he was 36 years old and resided with his wife in Lemoyne. The family had no children. According to testimony at the trial of the shooter, it was established that he had married in November 1905.

He was employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad for about eighteen months. When hired he worked on the Baltimore division but six months prior to the shooting, he was transferred to the Philadelphia division when they took over responsibility for the York Haven branch, on which the shooting occurred.

Sometime between 11:00 a.m. and noon, Friday October 20, 1916 Pennsylvania Railroad Police Officers John L. Beisser and Harry C. Chubb were shot by Archie Miller, a vagrant from Charleston, South Carolina along the Pennsylvania Railroad near Wormleysburg.

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