Election Night Assault at Dave and Buster's!



On November 3, 2020 around 7:52 PM, the Lower Allen Township Police Department was dispatched to Dave and Buster's at the Capital City Mall for an active assault. Officers spoke to the victim and witnesses and confirmed by video that at 7:48 PM, Jana O. Anthony approached a female at a table sitting by herself, grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the ground. The victim struck the back of her head as she hit the ground. Then the victim was viciously punched and kicked by Jana O. Anthony. Jeannette Desirae Randolph, who was with Anthony, half attempted to separate the two. She also slapped the victim as she struggled on the floor, though.

Suddenly, Jeanette M. Randolph rushed to the area and began kicking and stomping on the victim. As employees and even a non-involved party attempted to keep her from continuing, she then began pushing and hitting them as well.

Not to be out done, but after they were done assaulting the victim, Jeanette M. Randolph and Jana O. Anthony stole the victim's cell phone, credit cards and car keys. This was all done with several young children watching, even while one was held at Anthony's hip. 

The Lower Allen Township Police Department is asking anyone who witnessed the assault, videotaped the assault, or who attempted to intervene breaking up the assault to contact us with the information you may have.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 7:45pm

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