Once... Twice... Three times a Thief.



The Lower Allen Township Police Department is investigating three retail thefts that were committed by the same suspect at the same store.  On 9/28/19 at 4:11AM, on 10/1/19 at 10:05PM and on 10/5/19 at 3:40AM, the same suspect entered the Walmart at 3400 Hartzdale Dr., selected a flat screen television and walked out of the store without paying for item.  The televisions had a total value of $794.00.

During the theft on 10/5/19, the suspect was with an accomplice who was later identified.  Charges have been filed on that accomplice.    

If you can identify the suspect shown leaving the store with the televisions, please submit a tip or contact LATPD at (717) 238-9676. 

Monday, October 7, 2019
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