Lower Allen Township Police Department's Weekly Blotter

Weekly Blotter 8/26/19 to 9/1/19

Criminal Cases

8/26/19                       1:06 AM                      Public Drunk              3500 Capital City Mall Drive

A male was found passed out in his vehicle parked in the Mall lot. He was cited for public drunkenness and transported to CCP.

8/26/19                       5:10 PM                      Assault                        5120 Simpson Ferry Road

A juvenile resident of the UMHC assaulted a staff member. Prosecution denied.

8/26/19                       8:44 PM                      Assault                        5120 Simpson Ferry Road

Another juvenile resident of the UMHC assaulted a different staff member. Juvenile to be charged.

8/27/19                       12:53 PM                    Retail Theft                 1195 Lowther Road

A B/F and a B/M concealed $50 worth of merchandise from the Weis Markets and then “returned” the items. They left in a black Dodge Durango.

8/27/19                       1:28 PM                      Theft from Vehicle     100 block Vineyard Haven

Loose change was stolen from the center console of a red Ford Escape.

8/27/19                       5:18 PM                      Burglary                      100 block West Shore Drive

A home was burglarized. Rear window entry. Jewelry stolen.

8/27/19                       5:49 PM                      Criminal Mischief       100 Commercial Drive

A resident’s car was keyed overnight.

8/27/19                       7:09 PM                      Drugs                          3400 Hartzdale Drive

Occupied vehicle parked in Walmart lot. Drugs and paraphernalia were found in the vehicle.

8/27/19                       8:29 PM                      Assault                        4100 block Gettysburg Road

Possible domestic in the trailer park. “Victim” not being cooperative.

8/28/19                       8:37 AM                      Theft from Auto(attempt)       Cobble Court

A resident saw a male open her car door and begin to look around. She startled him and he fled. Officers detained a male in the area. He was arrested on a separate warrant.

8/28/19           9:58 AM                      Harassment                            2200 block Cedar Run Drive

A domestic situation led to the female pushing/slapping the male. Citation pending.

8/28/19           3:52 PM                      Assault                                    Rupp Avenue

Suspicious bruising on a child revealed possible child abuse.

8/28/19           5:36 PM                      DUI crash                                101 Wesley Drive

Rebecca Mangol drove her vehicle off the roadway, struck a curb, and crashed through the Drive Kore fence. She was arrested for DUI.

8/28/19           9:20 PM                      Drugs                                      3503 Capital City Mall Drive

Two females were caught smoking marijuana in a car parked outside of Dave and Buster’s.

8/29/19           9:59 AM                      DUI crash                                Lower Allen Drive

While turning into the Mall, a female driver crashed into another vehicle. She was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DUI.

8/29/19           12:34 PM                    Attempted Burglary              1000 block Quincy Circle

A resident had their front door kicked in. The frame was damaged. Nothing obvious was missing. Actor possibly scared off because of the resident’s dogs.

8/29/19           5:11 PM                      Terroristic Threats                 1300 block Carlisle Road

A juvenile was on school property with a toy gun causing alarm. Juvenile petition to be filed.

8/29/19           9:02 PM                      Theft                                       3803 Glenwood Avenue

A resident reported his new sneakers stolen from his motel room.

8/30/19           5:00 AM                      Bad Check                               5000 Louise Drive

Remote check deposited into Members First account causing a $297.64 loss.

8/30/19           2:00 PM                      Criminal Mischief                   100 block Grinnel Drive

A resident had his truck dented. Suspect known. Domestic related.

8/30/19           7:00 PM                      Assault                                    3800 block Hartzdale Drive

A runaway from the UMHC assaulted an officer in the process of having her returned.

8/30/19           8:12 PM                      Retail Theft                             3501 Capital City Mall Drive

A B/M committed a retail theft at JC Penney. Fled the area in a Ford Taurus.

8/31/19           4:32 PM                      Public Drunk              1700 block Main Street

A female tubing down the Yellow Breeches was intoxicated and caused an issue when she entered a nearby business.

8/31/19           10:54 PM                    DUI                              Hummel Avenue at 17th Street

Male driver stopped for traffic light violation. Signs of intoxication. Arrested for DUI.

9/1/19             1:00 AM                      DUI                              Gettysburg Road at Spera Drive

Traffic stop on male driver. Signs of intoxication. Arrested for DUI.

9/1/19             6:59 PM                      Assault                        1900 block Chatham Drive

Domestic assault.

Vehicle Crashes

8/26/19           4:54 PM          Non-Reportable Crash            Rossmoyne Road at RT 15 North

8/27/19           9:16 PM          Reportable Crash                   100 block Lancaster Blvd

8/28/19           12:31 PM        Non-Reportable Crash            RT 15 South at Slate Hill Road

8/28/19           3:09 PM          Reportable Crash                   3900 block Hartzdale Drive

8/28/19           3:43 PM          Reportable Crash                   Simpson Ferry Road at Linda Lane

8/29/19           5:22 PM          N/R Crash- Private Prop         2700 Yetter Court

8/29/19           7:59 PM          Reportable Crash                   Rossmoyne Road at RT 15 North

8/30/19           3:45 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Wesley Road at Gettysburg Road

8/30/19           6:27 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Carlisle Road at Lisburn Road

8/30/19           8:51 PM          Reportable Crash                   1100 block Lowther Road

8/31/19           5:40 AM          DUI-Reportable Crash            Rossmoyne Road at Westport Drive

9/1/19             1:05 PM          Reportable Crash                   RT 15 North at MM 40.2

9/1/19             1:24 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           RT 15 North at Slate Hill Road

9/1/19             4:05 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Gettysburg Road at 28th Street

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Monday, August 26, 2019 (All day)

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