Lower Allen Township Police Department's Weekly Blotter

Weekly Blotter 10/21/19 to 10/27/19

Criminal Cases

10/21/19         5:17 PM                      DUI                              Rossmoyne Road at Westport Drive

Unconscious male found in driver’s seat. Believed to be under the influence of heroin. Transported to the hospital. Charges pending.

10/22/19         6:20 AM                      Bad Check                   5000 Louise Drive

Remote checks deposited into Members First account causing a $800 loss.

10/22/19         12:46 PM                    Fraud                          1700 block Kings Arms Ct

The victim’s credit card information was used to make purchases in Delaware.

10/22/19         3:39 PM                      Theft                           1300 block Carlisle Road

Juveniles “stole” a bike from another student. Seemed to possibly be a joke.

10/22/19         6:39 PM                      Unauthorized Use      3700 block Hartzdale Drive

Victim’s vehicle was “taken” by “friends” without permission.

10/22/19         7:45 PM                      Drugs                          3700 block Hartzdale Drive

Contact with a resident produced a marijuana roach. Citation issued.

10/23/19         1:17 AM                      Drugs                          2200 block Gettysburg Road

An occupied vehicle parked at Cedar Spring Park produced drugs and drug paraphernalia.

10/23/19         8:39 AM                      Theft from Auto         100 block Sussex Road

The victim had over $200 change stolen from her vehicle. No forced entry.

10/23/19         10:40 AM                    Theft                           2400 Hartzdale Drive

Victim had her jacket stolen from the coat rack in the women’s locker room at Gold’s gym.

10/24/19         8:00 AM                      Disorderly Conduct    1301 Carlisle Road

A student was acting disorderly while at CCHS. Citation filed.

10/24/19         4:00 PM                      ID Theft                       2200 block Cedar Run Drive

The victim’s social security number was used by an unknown person in another state.

10/25/19         4:47 AM                      Retail Theft                 3400 Hartzdale Drive

Asher Boswell was caught stealing another TV from Walmart. Arrest warrants were also served on him. He was transported to CCP.

10/25/19         7:29 AM                      Theft                           1301 Carlisle Road

A student had his Apple Airpods stolen from his gym locker.

10/25/19         7:38 PM                      Fraud                          3506 Capital City Mall Drive

Two males were caught at the Mall using counterfeit money and fraudulent credit cards.

10/25/19         9:16 PM                      Assault                        1100 block Columbus Avenue

Domestic assault.

10/26/19         9:15 AM                      Drugs                          1200 block Kingsley Road

Verbal argument led to discovery of drug paraphernalia.

10/26/19         10:44 AM                    Fraud                          5000 block Simpson Ferry Road

A victim looking for a loan was scammed into accepting a fraudulent check and sending the scammer back gift cards.

10/26/19         12:20 PM                    Criminal Mischief       1195 Lowther Road

Ex Weis Markets employees damaged items at the store.

10/27/19         1:27 AM                      Bad Check                   5000 Louise Drive

Remote deposit check passed at Member’s First causing a $298.76 lost.

10/27/19         3:36 PM                      Retail Theft                 3400 Hartzdale Drive

An adult customer was with shopping with her two children. They were caught attempting to steal items at Walmart.

10/27/19         4:34 PM                      Theft                           3503 Hartzdale Drive

Theft of a mislaid wallet at Dave and Buster’s.

Vehicle Crashes

10/21/19         7:52 AM          Non-Reportable Crash           Beacon Hill Bvld at Poplar Ave

10/21/19         4:11 PM          Reportable Crash                   RT 15 North at MM 41.3

10/21/19         4:26 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           1600 block Lowell Lane

10/21/19         4:50 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           1900 block Carlisle Road

10/22/19         7:20 AM          Reportable Crash                   Lisburn Road at Main Street

10/22/19         9:45 AM          Non-Reportable Crash           Blacksmith at Fieldstone Roads

10/22/19         10:15 AM        N/R Crash-Private Prop.        1301 Carlisle Road

10/22/19         2:09 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           RT 15 South at Lower Allen Drive

10/22/19         2:50 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           400 block Deerfield Road

10/22/19         6:50 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Slate Hill Road at RT 15

10/22/19         7:12 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Chelsea at Carlisle Roads

10/23/19         4:25 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           1700 block Sheepford Road

10/23/19         4:27 PM          Non-reportable Crash            RT 15 South at Wesley Drive

10/23/19         7:35 PM          N/R Crash-Private Prop.        2501 Gettysburg Road

10/24/19         1:10 AM          Reportable Crash                   RT 15 North at MM 41.4

10/24/19         1:11 AM          Non-Reportable Crash           RT 15 North at MM 41.4

10/24/19         7:26 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           300 block Wesley Drive

10/25/19         8:53 AM          Reportable Crash                   Gettysburg and Simpson Ferry Road

10/25/19         11:19 AM        Non-Reportable Crash           West Shore at Cedar Cliff Drives

10/25/19         11:40 PM        Non-Reportable Crash           5200 block Oxford Drive

Incident Date: 
Monday, October 21, 2019 (All day)

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2233 Gettysburg Road
Lower Allen Twp Police Dept
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