Lower Allen Township Police Department's Weekly Blotter

Weekly Blotter 12/9/19 to 12/15/19

Criminal Cases

12/9/19            1:21 AM          Burglary                                3200 block Dunlap Lane

The female victim left her door unlocked and returned to find her home in disarray. She believes the actor to possibly be her ex.

12/9/19           7:39 AM          Animal Cruelty                       4930 Ritter Road

A female abandoned a dog outside the Animal Hospital overnight.

12/10/19         10:27 AM        Criminal Mischief                   3600 Gettysburg Road

An irate customer became disorderly and ended up breaking the front door made of glass.

12/10/19         3:02 PM          Fraud                                      200 block Creek Road

A resident had her identity stolen and another account opened in her name.

12/11/19         8:17 PM          Drugs                                      Lower Allen Drive

A traffic stop yielded a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia. Female cited.

12/12/19         12:10 AM        Criminal Mischief                   1300 block Kingsley Road

A window was purposely damaged during a domestic dispute.

12/12/19         6:25 AM          Harassment                            25 Utley Drive

Two males were involved in an altercation over a parking space. Investigation continues.

12/12/19         2:55 PM          Ordinance Violation              5200 block Simpson Ferry Road

A dog got loose and bit a female walking through the parking lot.

12/12/19         3:38 PM          Retail Theft                             3656 Capital City Mall Drive

An $80 pair of earrings were stolen from Pandora. W/F suspect.

12/12/19         6:33 PM          False ID                                   3506 Capital City Mall Drive

A male being stopped for suspicion of retail theft provided false ID to police.

12/13/19         8:56 PM          Bad Check                               5000 Louise Drive

Two counterfeit checks were remote deposited into account. Members First suffered a loss of $749.99.

12/13/19         9:00 AM          Bad Check                               5000 Louise Drive

Counterfeit check was remote deposited into account. Members First suffered a loss of $3,045.

12/13/19         10:15 AM        Theft from Vehicle                 5049 Ritter Road

Victim’s wallet was stolen from her vehicle at the Goddard school. B/M suspect then attempted to purchase $1,017 worth of items from Walmart.

12/13/19         10:16 AM        Home Improvement Fraud    100 block Kensington Drive

Victim paid $20,000 to have home repairs done. The work was never completed.

12/13/19         6:43 PM          Animal Complaint                  1100 block Primrose Avenue

Delivery man was chased by a dog not restrained by the owner.

12/13/19         11:47 PM        Public Drunkenness               4940 Ritter Road

A male was intoxicated and passed out at Isaac’s. Cited for public drunkenness.

12/14/19         2:26 AM          DUI                                          Lower Allen Drive

Female driver stopped for traffic violation. Found to be intoxicated. Arrested for DUI.

12/14/19         8:07 AM          Bad Check                               5000 Louise Drive

Three counterfeit checks were remote deposited into account. Members First suffered a loss of $589.

12/14/19         9:02 AM          Fraud                                      2000 block Brooks Edge Drive

Victim fell prey to an email scam and suffered a loss of $900.

12/14/19         4:24 PM          Traffic Offenses                      Lower Allen Drive

Counterfeit inspection stickers found on male drivers car.

Vehicle Crashes

12/9/19           10:32 AM        N/R Crash-Private Prop.        3400 Hartzdale Drive

12/9/19           11:44 AM        Non-Reportable Crash           5260 Simpson Ferry Road

12/9/19           2:30 PM          N/R Crash-Private Prop.        2051 State Road

12/10/19         4:30 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Gettysburg Road at Rana Villa Ave

12/11/19         6:12 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           1610 Carlisle Road

12/12/19         1:01 PM          N/R Crash-Private Prop.        3400 Hartzdale Drive

12/12/19         5:26 PM          N/R Crash-Private Prop.        3400 Hartzdale Drive

12/13/19         8:42 AM          Non-Reportable Crash           1516 Thompson Lane

12/13/19         4:45 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           Rossmoyne Road at Strong Road

12/13/19         5:33 PM          Non-Reportable Crash           5200 block Simpson Ferry Road

12/13/19         10:53 PM        Non-Reportable Crash           Slate Hill Road at Hillcrest Court

12/14/19         10:06 AM        Reportable Crash                   Wesley Drive at Gettysburg Road

12/14/19         1:22 PM          Reportable Crash                   5200 block Wilson Lane

Incident Date: 
Monday, December 9, 2019 (All day)

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