After the snow....

Hopefully everyone has weathered the storm!   Just a few reminders:  Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours of the last snow fall.  Neighbors, help out your neighbors who may have trouble doing this!  If you go it alone and this is the first time off the couch since the pandemic began, or you've had a few more trips around the sun than most, take it easy!  We don't want anyone having a cardiac event or slipping and falling, or otherwise damaged in the process!  Take your time and be safe!   That goes for the roads, too.  Some areas are better plowed than others, so allow for extra time in your travels.  Tying the roads and sidewalks theme together, please do not throw your driveway and sidewalk snow back into the street.  This is not legal and is also not cool.  Here is a link to our Public Works info page on snow removal:

Again, be safe!  Kids (and kids at heart) seems like a nice day to build a snowman, snowwoman, snow fort, or replica of the Battle of Hoth in your yard!