Lock Your Cars, Bring in Your Valuables, Call us When it is Happening

Good morning,

This is Captain Crone from the Lower Allen Township Police Department.  

Communities all over the West Shore area, including our own, as well as the East Shore, have been the target of persons conducting vehicle entries.  This is usually occurring in the late night/early morning hours and almost always involves entry into unlocked vehicles.  The actors steal whatever they can find that may be useful, with loss ranging from pocket change to firearms, including some thefts of vehicles themselves.

Our message is this:

  1. Please lock your vehicles when unattended.
  2. Please remove all valuables from your vehicles.  This includes cash, electronics, jewelry, firearms, and key fobs to other vehicles.
  3. If you are awakened by or alerted to suspicious activity during the night, call 911 immediately.  Delays in reaching out to police make it more difficult to catch these thieves.

We, and our neighboring departments, are very much aware of this issue and have stepped up neighborhood patrols.  Several arrests have been made.  However, we suspect that there are multiple groups working.  If they are working in your neighborhood while police are in another, absent timely calls from you, they have the advantage.  No neighborhood is immune to this activity, so please do not think that “it won’t happen here.”  It will.  It probably has.  Our departments need your help.  We need your eyes and ears (and security footage, if available) to stop this plague.

Thank you, and be safe,