Railroad Crossing Blockages

We continue to be thrown curve-balls regarding railroad crossing closures.  Presently, the Slate Hill Road crossing and the Winding Hill Road Crossing (Upper Allen) are closed.  Rossmoyne Road is the detour route.  HOWEVER, we just found out today that Rossmoyne Road will be intermittently closed throughout this project as well.  There are flag-persons there and the contractor is aware of the concerns over this being the alternate route.  They tell us they are cognizant of the need to keep traffic flowing.  It may be wise, though, to anticipate delays.  Suggested, longer-but-sure-thing detours would be Rt 114 to Rt 15 or Lisburn Road to Creek Road to take all of these crossings out of play.  Unfortunately, this work and the manner in which it is being done is not subject to the jurisdiction of the townships involved.