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Abdoul Nasser Harounda Djibo arrested for DUI - combination and driving under suspension. Completed lab results received for Djibo showing the following - Legal BAC .056%, 11-Hydroxy Delta 9 THC 2.2 ng/mL, Delta 9 Carboxy THC 27 ng/mL and Delta 9 THC 3.5 ng/mL. Arrest warrant issued after he did...
In September of 2015 a retail theft was reported at Walmart. After an investigation, the get-away driver was identified and admitted his role. He also reported that Twakelia Jones was involved and stole merchandise valued at $280. Surveillance photographs were released to the media and numerous...
Steven Lewis Bennett had a counterfeit check deposited into his account and then withdrew $250 causing a loss to Members 1st FCU of $249.81. Arrest warrant issued.
Franklin Wright remote deposited a closed account check into his Members 1st account causing a loss to Members 1st of $255.18 and failed to make good on it. Arrest warrant issued.
Remote deposit capture fraudulent Checks times seven received by Miguel Torres. Checks returned as counterfeit. Arrest warrant issued.