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In September, an organized group of criminals put skimmers on ATM's in the area. They then used the information obtained through the skimmers to withdraw cash from ATMs. If you recognize either of these suspects, please submit a tip.

Case Status:

On 11/29/18, at about 3PM, a W/M suspect about 6'03" stole a HP Pavilion Desktop Computer. The suspect fled out a side fire door and drove off in a beige Subaru Outback. Anyone with information on this theft is asked to submit a tip.

Case Status:

In October of 2018, there was a remote check deposit to member Denise Soto's account in the amount of $2,975.96. The check was made payable to and endorsed by Soto. Soto then spent a majority of that money before the check returned counterfeit, causing Member's First FCU a loss of $1,294.14. Arrest...
Jesse Samuels III remote deposited two checks totaling $905.05 into his Member's 1st FCU account in June of 2017 and then had withdraws/purchases totaling $908 causing a total loss to Member's 1st of $925.17 due in restitution. Arrest warrant issued.
In February of 2017, a Remote Deposit Capture was deposited into the account of Nashon Matai. The amount of the check was $3000.00 and was made payable to Nashon Maitai. It was also endorsed and the signature appeared to read Nashon Maitai. After the funds were received from this RDC they were...