There was a bear sighting in the area of Christian Life Assembly this morning. The best advice we can give is to leave it alone! He’s likely been roaming far and wide throughout the area and is best left to do so! Keep your pic-a-nic baskets well-guarded, though!

With picture his time! This pup, male, was found in the area of McCormick and Lisburn. If you know him or own him, please call us at 7172389676.

This male pup with no collar was located in the area of McCormick and Lisburn. Chip read pending, but if you know him or own him, give us a call via dispatch at 7172389676.

UGI Utilities closing Warrick Rd from Manchester to Norman Rd to through traffic today.  Work will continue into the evening hours.

This message is from LA Alerts. To ensure timely notifications like these, please go to the Township’s website to sign up: As many of you are aware the Yellow Breeches has a flood warning in effect until tomorrow afternoon. The following roadways have water on them and Public Works has put up barricades as needed: Creekwood Drive Sheepford Road at the 1700 block and at the creek bridge. Gettysburg Road in front of Dairy Farmers. Per the National Weather Service - The Yellow Breeches Creek will crest near 8.8 feet by this afternoon.