Motor Vehicle Accident

On Monday July 2nd 2018 @ approx. 2:45pm North Middleton Police Department were dispatched to a crash on Allen Rd @ Distribution Dr. Police were advised that the parties involved in the crash were now engaged in a verbal altercation. Police arrived separating the parties and interviewing all involved. It was found that an Eric Strouder operating Unit 1 may have had a medical emergency as he was traveling West on Distribution Dr. Strouder failed to stop for 3 vehicles that were waiting to make a left turn onto Allen Rd. Strouder traveled up over the curb to the right and sideswiped 3 other vehicles. No injuries were reported, minor damage occurred to the 3 vehicles. Strouders vehicle was disabled and not drivable.

Incident Date: 
Monday, July 2, 2018 - 2:45pm

Incident Type:

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Distribution Dr
Allen Rd
Carlisle, PA 17013