2018 Child Passenger Safety Mobilization

Buckle Up PA (BUPA) will kick of the fourth Pennsylvania Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Enforcement Mobilization September 16-29, 2018. This mobilization is part of Pennsylvania’s Child Passenger Safety Week, September 23-29, and National Seat Check Saturday, September 29th.

The goal of the CPS Enforcement Mobilization is to prevent injury and death to children involved in crashes through the use of age-and size-appropriate restraints. The mobilization will be enforcement driven through increased understanding of Pennsylvania’s OP Laws, improving enforcement strategies, identifying experienced officers to participate and providing education and community awareness.

The selection and funding of LEAs is based on the police agencies having at least one Certified CPS Technician or a CPS community partner, currently a BUPA grantee and having demonstrated significant CPS activities in their jurisdiction. BUPA is providing funding based upon the agency’s enforcement plan for this 14-day mobilization. This mobilization will fund up to 57 LEA Grantees. BUPA is providing training, materials, resources, funding and technical support for this enforcement project.

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children in the United States. By properly buckling children into age- and size-appropriate car seats and booster seats, the risk of serious injury and death can be reduced by more than 50%. However, proper fitting and use of the correct restraint type continues to be a serious problem. The National Survey of the Use of Booster Seats (NSUBS) conducted in 2013 indicated that as many as 33% of children 4 to 7 years old were not properly restrained. (NHTSA, 2016). BUPA and TIPP are once again partnering with Law Enforcement in an effort to reduce child passenger injuries and deaths on Pennsylvania highways.