On Friday, March 20th an incident of assault occurred at the Karns grocery store in the 1700 block of Spring Rd in North Middleton Township.  An elderly citizen currently recuperating from Pneumonia went to the Karns during their Seniors-only hours wearing a medical face mask and medical gloves.  The victim in this case wore the personal protective equipment (PPE) due to a higher mortality risk if they were to contract the virus from others.  

Daniel TABUSSI, 57 y/o of Carlisle allegedly approached the victim and deliberately coughed in close proximity to him, and made numerous coughing sounds while smiling and laughing.  It is also alleged that during this time TABUSSI mocked the elderly man for wearing the mask, and more than once TABUSSI directly told the victim that he had the Corona Virus.  

Charges for Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault by physical menace, Disorderly Conduct and Harassment have been filed against TABUSSI.

  No date has yet been set for a hearing.