Leaving Animals Outside In This Weather Causes Pain and Suffering

PETA's office is being flooded with reports of animals being left outdoors to suffer in the cold. During these bitterly cold temperatures and extreme windchill factors, PETA reminds all law-enforcement agencies that dogs kept outdoors will quickly freeze to death. Plastic doghouses, barrels, and other forms of inadequate shelter will not protect a dog from frostbite and hypothermia. Such temperatures also cause dogs' water sources to freeze over, leading to dehydration, which quickly becomes fatal.

There have already been numerous reports of dogs dying across the U.S., such as in the following examples:

  • In Butler County, Ohio, while responding to a complaint, the local dog warden found a German shepherd dead inside his doghouse. Although there were four bales of straw on the owners' front porch, they had not put any straw bedding in the doghouse.
  • In Hartford, Connecticut, officers responding to a complaint from a concerned neighbor found a chained pit bull mix who had died of hypothermia. He was also found inside his doghouse.
  • In Lynchburg, Virginia, an animal control officer performing a welfare check found a chained dog who had frozen to death inside his doghouse.

Allowing an animal to suffer in this manner is in violation of state and local laws. Please help us ensure that dogs who are not brought indoors immediately by their owners are seized and taken to safe shelters and that anyone who leaves animals outside to suffer in severe weather is prosecuted for cruelty to animals.