Scammers use family relative info to swindle North Middleton residents

Home phones with Lan lines are nothing but a gateway for scammers to call multiple times each day.  North Middleton Township residents are fed up and making multiple reports on a daily basis to North Middleton Township Police about these attempts to swindle residents out of their hard earned money, and their becoming more frequent.

In one incident, a resident was informed by a caller that claimed to be her grandson, that they were involved in an accident and being held in prison on $4000 unless paid.  The scam artist then passes the phone to someone claiming to be their attorney and request the victim to purchase multiple GIFT CARDS, and then to call back with the numbers on the cards.

Another incident reported that again, being a relative of the victim called from Oklahoma claiming they were a grandchild who needed financial help quickly or they would be stuck in prison.

The North Middleton Township Police Department would like to remind the residents that if someone needs gift card numbers, tell them to get it themselves and do not entertain numbers that are unknown or from areas outside of the area.