What are my options now?

You can contact the Court in person or by mail, and take care of the outstanding matter by entering your plea and making the outstanding payment (including Warrant and Constable costs) or requesting a hearing and posting collateral. The warrant will be recalled after the plea and payment are received.

You can contact the Constable holding your Warrant. If you received notification of the Warrant from a Constable — whether by mail, phone, or by posting your door — and the issue is money due to the court, you can mail the outstanding balance to the Court or to the Constable. If the issue is a missing response to a Citation, you can mail to the court your plea of Guilty along with full fines and costs, or your plea of Not Guilty along with collateral required to schedule a hearing.

For more information in your case, you can call the Court or the Constable holding the warrant for your arrest. Constables are generally available during evening and weekend hours when the court is closed.