Retail Theft

On 29 December, 2014 at approx. 1530 hours Brown, Stacy and her son Naples, Anthony were in the East Meets West Store supposedly shopping.  Brown and Naples were walking around the store for about 45 minutes.  During this time the sales clerk asked Brown if she could help her.  Brown said she was just shopping and had items in her hand.  Brown requested an item that would require the sales clerk to go to the back room.  When the sales clerk was returning to the main room Naples left the building.

When Brown came to the cash register to pay for a item a ceramic pot made a noise in the bag Brown was carrying.  The sales clerk requested Brown to empty the bag with the ceramic pot and her pockets that had the bracelets the sales clerk saw her with earlier. The sales clerk requested to check the other pockets Brown left the store.

After an inventory the store had over $1000.00 worth if items missing.  This is Browns third time of being charged with Retail Theft which is a felony.  Naples is being charge also for Retail Theft as Misdemeanor.

Incident Date: 
Monday, December 29, 2014 - 3:02pm

Incident Type:

Case Number: 



29 East King Street
Shippensburg, PA 17257