In the event that there is a Shippensburg Borough Weather Emergency

Winter Weather Emergency

A winter weather emergency may be declared by Borough Council, Mayor, Borough Manager or Police department when deemed necessary in their sole discretion to facilitate the movement of traffic and the removal of snow or ice in an effort to promote safe travel.

If declared, the winter weather emergency shall apply to King Street, Earl Street, Orange Street, Burd Street, North Prince Street, Fort Street( northern side only) and Stewart Place (inner loop).  See below.  All vehicles must be removed from affected highways within eight hours.  Vehicles not moved will be subject to ticketing and towing.

Earl Street


From Burd Street to Orange Street

Burd Street


From North Queen St to its intersection with Roxbury Rd.

King Street


From the eastern corporate limits south to Lurgan Ave.

North Prince Street


From the intersection of North Prince St and East King Street north to the Borough of Shippensburg corporate limits

Orange Street


From the intersection of West Orange Street and West King Street (US Route 11) to the Intersection of East Orange Street and PA Route 174 (Walnut Bottom Rd)

Fort Street

The northern side of Fort Street from North Washington to N.Queen St

Stewart Place (inner loop)

The public parking spaces along the entire perimeter of the grass island