Traffic Accident

Police Agency Data:

The crash report was recorded by police agency 21409-Shippensburg Borough, patrol zone -2, under incident number SP-2015-7086. The dispatch date was 12/26/2015, the dispatch time was 1920 hours, the investigation date was 12/26/2015, the arrival time was 1920 hours. The investigator was CHIEF FRED A. SCOTT, badge number 3857.

Crash Data:

This is a rear-end crash occurred in Cumberland in the municipality of Shippensburg Borough, on Saturday, 12/26/2015 at 1919 hours. The illumination at the time of the crash was dark with street lights. The 4 -unit crash involved 1 person with no injuries. Unit #1 struck Unit #2causing Unit #2 to strikeUnit # and Unit #3 struck Unit #4.  Units #2,#3 and #4 were parked on the berm.

There were no fatalities. There was no property damaged. The crash did not occur in a work zone. The roadway surface was wet. Weather conditions included rain. 

The indicated prime factor for this crash was a driver's action (driving too fast for conditions) for unit 01. The first and most harmful event for this crash was that unit 1 Hit unit 02.

Type Location:

This was a mid-block (non intersection) crash, which occurred at no special location.

Principal Roadway:

Cumberland County, 600 bock of ORANGE Street, the orientation of the roadway was East, there were 02 travel lane(s), the speed limit was 30 Mph, with a local road or street route signing.