With potential winter weather on the horizon, we are providing a few winter weather driving reminders:

  • “Flip the switch” and turn on those headlights, don’t rely on your automatic sensors, remember – wipers on = headlights on. 
  • Leave extra space between you and the car in front on you, stopping distances increase on wet or slippery surfaces. 
  • Allow extra time to get to your destination, speed is a big factor in weather related crashes. 
  • Be patient, remember your confidence level driving in adverse weather conditions may not be the same as the motorist in front of you.  
  • Keep an extra eye out for our pedestrians.   Especially when you are turning onto a roadway or approaching the end of an alley, we are fortunate to have lots of sidewalks and crosswalks for people to walk in town, help them stay safe by proceeding with caution. 
  • Check your tires, if your tread depth isn’t sufficient, speak to one of our local garages about tire options. 
  • Clean the ice and snow before you go – don’t be a snow covered motorist, brush off your car and clear obstructions from windows and mirrors.