Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Deptsort descending
Barnes, Demetrius - 1 count Simple Assault (M2) and 2 additional charges Barnes, Demetrius Criminal June 9, 2019 Carlisle Borough Police
Smith, Andre - Delivery of a controlled substance (heroin) Smith, Andre Criminal Carlisle Borough Police
Mims, Donell Rashaun - Strangulation/Simple Assault Mims, Donell Rashaun Criminal August 18, 2017 Carlisle Police Department
Felton , Michael Scott - Fleeing and Eluding CAR2019-041755 - Felton , Michael Scott Criminal April 30, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Reeder , Elizabeth - Retail Theft CAR2019-04-1804 - Reeder , Elizabeth April 30, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Escoto, Ronald De La Cruz - Access Device Fraud Escoto, Ronald De La Cruz Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis - possession of a small amount marijuana Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis Criminal March 14, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Thornhill, Darnly - Forgery Thornhill, Darnly Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Ferreri, Robert - Theft By Deception Ferreri, Robert Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Fugh, Andre Jr. - Receiving Stolen Property and 1 additional charge Fugh, Andre Jr. Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Jones, Raymond Allen III - Theft Jones, Raymond Allen III Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Kauffman, Kyle - Retail Theft Kauffman, Kyle Criminal Carlisle Police Department
SHERIFF, Johnathan Michael - UNSWORN FALSIFICATIONS SHERIFF, Johnathan Michael Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Stever, Cameron Lewis - Simple Assault Stever, Cameron Lewis Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Sweeney, Seth A. - Simple Assault Sweeney, Seth A. Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Whitney-Williams, Tyerick - Possession of Marijuana - personal use Whitney-Williams, Tyerick Criminal Carlisle Police Department
Scott, Shawn Sterling Jr. - Escape from Custody Scott, Shawn Sterling Jr. Criminal November 4, 2015 Cumberland County Sheriff
Snyder, Robert Douglas Jr. - Theft and 1 additional charge Snyder, Robert Douglas Jr. Criminal MJ-09103-CR-0000099-2019 May 14, 2019 East Pennsboro Township Police
Thompson, Leslie Adam - Drugs Thompson, Leslie Adam Criminal MJ-09103-CR-0000080-2019 April 9, 2019 East Pennsboro Township Police Department
Beaver, Christopher M - (1) count Flight to Avoid Apprehension (F3) and 7 additional charges Beaver, Christopher M Criminal MJ-09103-CR0000076-2019 April 5, 2019 East Pennsboro Township Police Department