The Carlisle Police Department consists of several different divisions. Please click on the links below to find the names, badge numbers, and e-mail addresses of the sworn staff of the Carlisle Police Department.

Command Staff

Police Chief
Taro Landis (Badge 27-1)

Steve Latshaw (Badge 27-3)

Second Lieutenant
Wm David Miller (Badge 27-12)

Administrative Support

Administrative Assistants
Lisa Kendall
Sandra Lorence

Public Safety Coordinators

Amy Burell (Badge 27-62)
Edward Martin (Badge 27-61)
Marcia Wolf (Badge 27-67)

Public Information Officer

Jamie DiMartile (Badge 27-14)
Wm David Miller (Badge 27-12)

Child Safety Seat Technicians

If you would like to arrange an appointment to have your child’s safety seat properly inspected, please reach out to either of the technicians below.

Lisa Kendall
Sergeant Josh Bucher

Criminal Investigative Section

Tom Dolan (Badge 27-16)
Christopher Miller (Badge 27-19)
Adam Williams (Badge 27-40)

Patrol Section

Joshua Bucher (Badge 27-10)
Adolfo Heredia (Badge 27-23)
Joseph Rucinsky (Badge 27-21)
Brian Shull (Badge 27-32)
Andrew VanVolkenburg (Badge 27-17)

Scott Hertzler (Badge 27-8)
Jeffrey Kurtz (Badge 27-5)
Tim Mayer (Badge 27-41)
David Rogers (Badge 27-25)
Mike Sturm (Badge 27-42)

Patrol Officers
Gene Berlin (Badge 27-49)
Vincent Brewer (Badge 27-33)
Jamie Dimartile (Badge 27-14)
Stephen Ferguson (Badge 27-46)
John Hanner (Badge 27-34)
Ronald Hoover III (Badge 27-30)
Ryan Mennor (Badge 27-28)
Joshua Newcomer (Badge 27-4)
Mikal Primus (Badge 27-36)
Zachary Saum (Badge 27-15)
Zachary Shroyer (Badge 27-47)
Kaleb Smith (Badge 27-45)
Ryan Stover (Badge 27-24)
Joseph Todaro (Badge 27-18)
AJ Young (Badge 27-48)

Community Policing

The Carlisle Police Department Community Policing Section consists of one Corporal and one Patrol Officer.

Jeffrey Kurtz (Badge 27-5)

Patrol Officer
Jamie DiMartile (Badge 27-14)
Ryan Stover (Badge 27-24)

Please e-mail any of the officers above or call (717) 243-5252 if you would like an officer to attend your community events or neighborhood meetings.

Human Relations/LGBTQ Liason

Sergeant Joseph Rucinsky serves as the Police Department Liaison to the Borough's Human Relations Commission.

Student Services Officer

Sergeant Andrew VanVolkenburg (Badge 27-17)
Please e-mail Sergeant VanVolkenburg or call (717) 243-5252 if you are interested in having him speak at your educational or youth events.

Motor Carrier Safety Enforcement

David Rogers (Badge 27-25)

Patrol Officer
John Hanner (Badge 27-34)

What is the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP)?
The MCSAP is a Federal grant program that provides financial assistance to States to reduce the number and severity of crashes and hazardous materials incidents involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV). The goal of the MCSAP is to reduce CMV-involved crashes, fatalities, and injuries through consistent, uniform, and effective CMV safety programs. Investing grant monies in appropriate safety programs increases the likelihood that safety defects, driver deficiencies, and unsafe motor carrier practices are detected and corrected before they become contributing factors to crashes.

K9 Team

Jeffrey Kurtz (Badge 27-05)


Patrol Officer
Ryan Stover (Badge 27-24)


Special Response Team

The Cumberland County Special Response Team was formed in 2000 as law enforcement agencies throughout Cumberland County recognized the need for officers who could handle incidents beyond the typical capabilities of patrol officers. Today this team serves functions ranging from high-risk warrant service to barricaded gunman to many other high-risk responsibilities requiring specialized equipment/training.

Several officers of the Carlisle Police Department participate on this team as it supports the needs of the communities and law enforcement agencies throughout Cumberland County.