Scam Prevention Seminar

The North Middleton Police Department, in conjunction with Representative Barbara GLEIM, and the Carlisle Borough Police Department, will be hosting a seminar at the Carlisle Expo Center from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 2, 2021 .  The goal of the seminar is scam and fraud prevention.  The seminar was put together by Representative Barbara GLEIM after Police requested assistance with notifying the public due to the high volume of scam and fraud cases that have swept the area in recent months.  The seminar will also cover calls that are received by victims and are asked or asked under threat to purchase gift cards from various locations and provide the numbers located on the back of the gift cards so they can be redeemed.  We will also cover hackers/scammers sending messages to personal computers that their computer has been compromised, and to click on the link to fix the issue.  Once done, the computer is taken over by the scammer.   The public is requested to contact their local Police Department should they receive any suspicious phone calls requesting payments for ANY service using gift cards and never to give personal information out.    The seminar is for education purposes as the scammers are often from other countries and using various applications with false phone numbers and are very difficult to track.  Often they will use the legitimate phone number of a company to appear on caller ID, so those who search the number will often see it appears to be a legitimate call.    The seminar is free, but we are requesting you reserve a seat at, or calling 717-249-1990 or visiting the link:

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