Social Media Posts Referencing Threats at Carlisle High School

The Carlisle Police Department is aware that there have been recent social media posts concerning allegations of a firearm at the Carlisle High School on November 18, 2019.  The Carlisle High School administration notified our department of the posts.  The Carlisle Police Department immediately responded and investigated the matter. The investigation revealed that the information in the social media posts was unsubstantiated.  There has been no evidence or witnesses produced to verify any aspect of the posts.

On November 20, 2019, the administration of the Carlisle School District alerted the Carlisle Police Department to a video threat of gun violence at the Carlisle High School.  The staff at the Carlisle High School quickly identified the student in the video.  The Carlisle Police Department has charged the student appropriately.  During the investigation, police were able to determine that the student did not have a firearm, nor do they have any immediate access to a firearm.

The Carlisle Police Department continues to encourage the reporting of any suspicious activity directly to the police by calling 911. 

The Carlisle Police Department will always notify citizens of any substantiated threats.