Core Values

Each member of the New Cumberland Borough Police Department should embrace and adhere to the following core values throughout their career with the agency.

Professionalism - We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the standards of our profession; Law Enforcement. We will hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to our Mission Statement and Core Values.

Integrity – We must strive to be whole and complete in our actions.  In doing so, we will find strong moral principles and uprightness which will guide us in the pursuit of honesty, truthfulness and accuracy.  We do what is right not because it brings us personal recognition, but because it is the right thing to do.

Excellence – We recognize that excellence is a continuing process that can be pursued through actions of integrity. It requires devotion to serious and sustained effort in order to surpass ordinary standards of our profession.

Leadership – The very nature of our profession demands that we possess the permanent and inseparable element of Leadership.  All Police Officers are expected to provide purpose, direction and motivation to our peers in the New Cumberland Police department and the law enforcement profession. We will combine our personal knowledge, job skill and obligation to become leaders in the community.

Courage – Mastering fear builds physical and moral courage.  We recognize that physical courage enables us to persist in our duty regardless of danger to oneself while moral courage is the adherence to our core values no matter how difficult or inconvenient it may be.  Our Community demands that we possess both physical and moral courage in the achievement of our mission and goals.