Armed Robbery

The North Middleton Township Police are investigating an Armed Robbery at the Speedway, 712 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, PA which occurred on Saturday, 12/11/2022 @ approx. 0527 hrs.  Three (3) unidentified suspects  dressed in all black clothing that covered their skin/faces entered the Speedway, locked the doors behind them and proceeded to threaten the clerk with handguns, then pistol-whipping the clerk after escaping with cash from one of the registers.  Tire tracks and footprints were located behind the Speedway in an open abandoned parking lot along Hamilton St. upon police arrival and search of the area.  A getaway vehicle has not been identified at this time.  Anyone with information or similar acts can contact Det. Matt Johnston ( or our station by phone:  (717)243-7910.