1st Annual Awards Ceremony!

On Monday, February 27, 2023 West Shore Regional Police held the 1st Annual Awards Ceremony to honor the members of the department.  The following is a list of the awards presented by West Shore Regional Police and the Cumberland County Chief's of Police Association:

Thomas Martini Medal of Valor Award

John Friel, Assistant Chief of Police - Asst. Chief Friel negotiated with an armed subject for approximately 45 minutes on April 21, 2022.  

Allen Proper Life Saving Award

Robert Doll, Patrol Officer - Officer Doll performed CPR on a patient resulting in the patient surviving the incident.

Mayor George Preble Commendation Citation:

Robert Doll, Patrol Officer & Christopher Conroy, Detective - Officer Doll and Detective Conroy were able to effectively detain an armed subject on April 21, 2022.

Grant Cox, Patrol Officer - Officer Cox's proactive traffic enforcement resulting in 16 DUI arrests for 2022.  

Brandon Stolley, Patrol Officer – Officer Stolley was able to gain a rapport with a suicidal subject and effectively prevent them from further harming themselves. 

2023 Chiefs’ Award

Chief Anthony Minium – Chief Minium over the last year has continued to transform the Department towards a successful future for the officers and boroughs that West Shore Regional Police serve.

Lieutenant Ray Taylor Achievement Citation:

Asst. Chief John Friel / Officer Timothy Rine / Officer John Woodring / Officer Brandon Stolley / Detective Conroy / Detective Sheaffer / Officer Angel Diaz / Officer Daniel Antoni / Officer Robert Doll / Officer Grant Cox / Officer Raleigh Sirb – These Officers were awarded the achievement citation for the successful usage of Narcan to revive a patient suffering from an apparent overdose.

Community Service Officer Kierstan Gatten – CSO Gatten was able to deescalate a situation with a individual suffering from a mental health crisis with access to a firearm, while awaiting officers to respond.  

Commission Awards:

Chief Minium and Assistant Chief Friel were provided the “outstanding” award from the West Shore Regional Police Commission for their continued teamwork and transformation of the agency over the last year. 

Cumberland County Chief’s of Police Association Awards

Meritorious Service Award:

Asst. Chief Friel / Detective Conroy / Officer Doll – This was issued for their actions on April 21, 2022 while responding to an armed subject resulting in a peaceful ending

Life Saving Award:

Officer Grant Cox – This was awarded for Officer Cox’s deployment and successful usage of a tourniquet on a victim. 

West Shore Regional Police is proud of the officers and their daily commitment to proactive community-based policing!  We are proud to be a part of a regional commission that continues to support the daily mission of law enforcement in Lemoyne & Wormleysburg Boroughs!