The West Shore Regional Police Department joins all Law Enforcement entities as well as community members and organizations in the outrage and criminal acts of the Minnesota Police Officers that tragically and unexplainably killed George Floyd.  We stand together against violence of all persons and most certainly against police brutality and unjustifiable force against any person.  We certainly pray for Mr. Floyd’s family and friends during these troubling days.

The West Shore Regional Police Department does train in the use of proper and justifiable force and each and every instance of force used is reviewed and compared to training and policy that is in effect today.  We promise our communities and citizens that officers that do not follow proper procedures and policies are held accountable to the highest degree possible.  Our personnel are not permitted to use choke holds and most certainly are not permitted to kneel on a person’s neck.

In furtherance of current events happening in the Central PA area and around our Country we support peaceful protests and stands against all injustices. In the same sense we cannot condone rioting, violence, looting and vandalism that is unfortunately occurring in our nation.

The West Shore Regional Police Department would also like to remind all persons that we are community partners and welcome interactive dialogue to assist in equality for each and every person in the United States of America.