Police Department Staff

Staff may be reached via email using their first initial and last name (together), followed by @latwp.org

Department of Public Safety

     Director David L. Holl

     Executive Assistant Dianna Knisley

Police Officers

     Command Staff

     Captain Leon G. Crone, Jr.

     Lieutenant Douglas L. Foltz

     Lieutenant D.J. Sentman

     Patrol Supervisors

     Corporal Richard Tamanosky, Jr.

     Corporal Matthew Claeys     

     Corporal Edward Curtis     

     Corporal Jeremy Read     

     Patrol Officers

     Neil Chimel-Freeburn

     Bryan Rennie

     Torrie Shiley

     Laura Tamanosky

     Kimberly Moore

     Katie Justh

     Alex Milletics

     Robert Fitzkee

     Ethan Kell

     Nicole Boldosser

     Kevin Cramer

     Kenneth Stirling

     Jonathan Newcomer

     Criminal Investigations Supervisor

     Corporal Michael Scarlato

     Criminal Investigators

     Troy McNair

     Donald Coffey

Support Staff

     Evidence Technician

     David Ickler

     Records and Clerical Staff

     Linda McCool - Records Supervisor

     Laurie Nissel - Records

     Susan Kolanda - Records

     Julie Echterling - Compliance Specialist

     Community Service Officers

     E. McCoy - Senior CSO

     Z. Beazley

     J. Sheaffer

     J. Kirsch

     C. Wilson

     R. Seneca

     B. Zeiders

     S. Munson

     M. Feldman

     K. Yuda