Cpl Claeys Retirement!

Please join the Lower Allen Township Police Department in expressing gratitude for the 20 years of service provided by Matthew B. Claeys. In 2002, Officer Claeys was appointed as a Patrol Officer for the Lower Allen Township Police Department. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Police Department in 2015.

In between he served as a firearms instructor for the department for many years. He also served as a Traffic Safety Specialist and Motor Carrier Inspector, was a certified accident reconstructionist and member of the Cumberland County Accident Reconstruction Team.

He also served as a Field Training Officer within the department and has been awarded with seven Unit Citations, one Special Citation, one Life-saving Citation, and has received many letters of appreciation from staff and citizens for a variety of reasons.  

Cpl. Claeys officially retired from the Police Department on December 4, 2022. Job well done!!