K9 Rocco Retires

Goodbye Rocco!

There comes at time in every cop’s career where the old knees and hips get tired of getting in and out of the car and all of the gear just gets a little too heavy.  There comes that time when you have to consider just how many good years you might have left before you really need to look at taking a few to enjoy yourself while you can.  The same happens for our K9 officers as well!

After about 7 years of service (21 years in dog years!), Rocco is finally being allowed to step down.   He’ll trade a life of sniffing around in strangers’ cars and homes to a life of sniffing whatever it is in the corner of the yard.  No more running into dangerous locations and putting himself between folks who would do harm and the officers that would take them into custody.  He’ll just be running after tennis balls and relaxing with his family.

Thank you, Rocco, for your service, and thank you, Officer Scarlato, your dedication as Rocco’s handler for the duration.

Rocco will get to enjoy a (hopefully) long retirement at the Scarlato residence.   We intend to disburse all remaining donated funds (after some final expenses for de-commissioning the program) to K9s of Police Services Inc.  https://k9sofpolice.org/ , a non-profit specializing in assisting agencies with their K9 programs.

Due to some changes in case law, and changes in need, we do not intend to replace Rocco at this time.

Be safe,