Lock Those Car Doors!

As the weather continues to get warmer, more and more people begin to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, so do those who like to break the law. It’s the time of year that we historically see our calls for vehicle entries increase. Most of these calls are reported as vehicle “break-ins,” but in fact, most vehicle entries are because of vehicles that are left unlocked. The Lower Allen Township Police Department strongly encourages you to lock your car doors and to not leave valuables in plain sight. If you do see subjects looking into vehicles or going from car to car, please call 911 as it is occurring.

This was originally posted on April 5th. Within the last month, we have now had several unlocked vehicles entered and items stolen. Please remember to lock your car doors!!

Third time posting this!!! The township has again experienced a rash of vehicle entries. ALL WERE UNLOCKED VEHICLES. Surrounding jurisdictions have even experienced stolen vehicles because residents have left their keys in their unlocked vehicles.

PLEASE lock your car doors!