School is Back in Session!!

As the new year is upon us, school is also back in session. We have several schools throughout the township. School busses will again be picking up children at stops on many roadways. The Lower Allen Township Police Department asks for your prudence while driving, especially in the morning and afternoon hours when school starts and dismisses.

Specifically, on Carlisle Road in front of Cedar Cliff High School and Higland Elementary School and on Gettysburg Road in front of Allen Middle School during the "school zones." These zones are marked by 15 mph school zone speed signs. Speeding through these zones could cost you a minimum of $165 and put several points on your license impacting your insurance rates.

More importantly, we have several students who walk to school or cross the roadways in these zones with crossing guards. Be patient, drive cautiously, and help keep are roadways safe for our children.