We're still here and still working: The state of Lower Allen Township Public Safety Services

Good morning.  It is our hope that this message finds you and your families well.  We thought it a good idea to let you know the status of things in the Public Safety arena.   First, we are still working.  Police, EMS, Public Safety, and the Volunteer Fire Companies are still operating, though, in some cases, that operation may look a little different.  With the closure of the Township Building and the recommended precautions regarding COVID-19, we’ve had to change the way we do business and, in some cases, limit the kind of business we are doing.

In the police department, records staff is still staffing the office from 8a-4p.  You can call in for your administrative needs at 717-975-7575.   For all emergency needs (for all departments), you should still dial 911 and for non-emergency calls for service dial 717-238-9676.  

Police are indeed practicing social distancing.   Don’t think of us as stand-offish because of this.  We come into contact with a lot of people in a given day and don’t want to be responsible for the spread of anything.   That said, when the situation calls for it, we WILL get close to you.  People who need to be arrested will be arrested.  People who need first aid or other immediate attendance will be attended to.  Rest assured, we’re sanitizing and washing hands as often as we can, but are limiting contact as much as we can as well.  Non-active calls for service that may have gotten a visit before may get a phone call instead.  We’ve ceased all public speaking engagements, attendance at public gatherings, non-essential training, and special programs until the current situation resolves.   We’re still here for you….it just may be from a 6-foot distance or by phone.

Lower Allen Township EMS has implemented all recommended Center for Disease Control, Pennsylvania Department of Health and Bureau of Emergency Medical Services recommendations for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.  All protective measures recommended by Center for Disease Control, Pennsylvania Department of Health and Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are being followed. 

A very important recommendation for Emergency Medical personnel is to complete an initial screening of all patients from approximately 6 feet.  This verbal screening will include questions such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, recent travel and known exposures to COVID-19.  This practice reduces the chance of spreading the virus and exposing emergency medical personnel.  We are NOT being unkind or uncaring we are simply following best practices to ensure the best possible care of the residents of Lower Allen Township.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL EMS for COVID-19 testing or transport to the ER or any other facility for COVID-19 testing.,   EMS DOES NOT have access to or provide COVID testing.  Emergency Departments are overwhelmed and DO NOT have the ability to perform routine testing.  

Regarding Department of Public Safety services, due to the growing restrictions being implemented in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in response to COVID-19, all car seat inspections/installs, smoke alarm installs, fire extinguisher training, and fire prevention presentations are being suspended until further notice. For now, we will take your contact information and once the restrictions are lifted, we will work to schedule those activities requested.

There is an abundance of information out there and we don’t want to be redundant, so we’ll limit just how much we post.  Some of your best sources, and ones we refer to are:



Finally, this is a time that tests us all…our patience, our resolve, our values, and our priorities.  Be kind to one another.  If you have plenty, leave some for those who do not (talking to you, TP hoarders….).   Check in often with friends, family, neighbors, and at-risk people (electronically, if possible…maintaining social distance if not!).  Support your local businesses as best as you can.  So many small businesses have adapted how they do business so that they can stay afloat during this time.  Work with them when you can.  We’ll get through this.  For all of the good folks out there, do not lose who you are and what you stand for in the midst of all of this.   Be able to look back on this time and be proud of how you handled yourselves and your response to this situation.

Stay safe, keep your distance, and wash, wash, wash!

Director Holl, Captain Devan, Captain Wirth, and Captain Crone, along with all of our staff and volunteers wish you the very best.