After a long COVID-19 absence from school, starting September 8, 2020, Camp Hill Schools will be back in session!  Although most students will be attending school three days per week there will be some students attending classes Monday through Friday.  The bottom line is school will be in session to some extent Monday through Friday.  This means there will be increased vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic traveling to and front Camp Hill Schools again.

Motorists are reminded to be alert for students traveling to and from school and be conscientious to adhere to traffic laws.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are also cautioned to follow traffic rules and safety guidelines traveling to and from school.

Walkers should:

  • walk on the sidewalk where there is one.  Do not walk in the street!
  • cross streets at crosswalks, not mid-block
  • look both ways before crossing

Bicyclists should:

  • wear a helmet
  • follow the rules of the road
  • keep to the right as much as reasonably and safely possible
  • don't weave in and out of traffic lanes

Back to school safely is everyone's responsibility.  Lets all do our part to make our streets and sidewalks safe for students, adult and all users of our Borough transportation network!