Dear Community Members, Parents, Guardians and Children,

As we make our way through these uncharted times I hope everyone is staying healthy.  As we approach a time of the year with reduced daylight and potential hazardous weather I would like to take this opportunity to bring up several important safety points regarding bicycles and pedestrians. 

We know that Camp Hill Borough is home to a great walking and biking community but with that come many risks as these individuals intermingle with motorized vehicles.  Below are a few safety points to remember: 

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists should remember to wear bright colors so that they stand out to motorists, “BE SEEN” and don’t assume that a motorist see’s you and is going to stop.   
  • Sidewalks are for pedestrians/Streets are for bicycles and vehicles.  All too often pedestrians are walking in the middle of the street in Camp Hill Borough. 
  • Bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic, on the right side of the road as close to the curb or parked vehicles as possible.
  • Bicyclists MUST obey all traffic laws including stop signs and traffic signals.

Pedestrians and bicyclists alike should remember to STAY ALERT, BE PREDICTABLE and don’t make any sudden movements that will surprise the driver of a motor vehicle. 

Lastly, I would remind everyone that Pennsylvania law requires children under the age of 12 to wear a bike helmet.  A properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of injury by 45% and reduce severe head injuries by 88%.  I ask that you check with your child before they leave for school to make sure that they are wearing their helmet.  If you are in need of a helmet please let me know. 

The Camp Hill Police Department is asking for your assistance in making our community safer by following these simple safety rules.  If Parents, Guardians and Community Members model this safe behavior we hope that it can be passed on to the younger generation so that we all will be able to benefit from our walking and biking community. 

Thank you.

Officer Capers, School Resource Officer

Camp Hill Borough Police Department