PODS/Dumpster Application



The placement of a dumpster/container or street storage device on a roadway within the Township of East Pennsboro may be permitted providing the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. The requestor has no other available space (driveway, lawn, etc..) that the dumpster or street storage can be placed.
  2. The dumpster/container will not be placed on the roadway longer than TWO (2) weeks and will not be placed upon any pedestrian sidewalk or walkway.
  3. The dumpster/container will be removed within 24 hours of it being filled.
  4. The dumpster/container will be secured so as to prevent debris from the container from blowing from or spilling from the container.
  5. At all times, including those times when work is not being performed at the dumpster, the dumpster and its refuse contents must be maintained in a manner to assure that the contents of the dumpster may not be invaded or removed by animals, vermin, vandals, scavengers or trespassers and in a manner to assure further that persons occupying residences or other buildings or structures contiguous to, or adjacent to, the dumpster location will not be annoyed by noxious odors, noise, airborne pollutants or other elements or characteristics of the dumpster.
  6. Traffic control devices will be properly placed and maintained to alert and warn drivers of the potential hazards created by the placement of the container.
  7. The requestor completes an application requesting the placement of the dumpster/ container and agrees to the conditions and requirements associated with such request.
  8. The requestor pays a $ / V. c *' application fee for permit.
  9. The request is approved by the Chief of Police or his designee.

NO dumpster/container or street storage will be allowed to be placed in any area that a motor vehicle would be prohibited from stopping, standing or parking by either ordinance or statute. (Unless articulable circumstances present and only upon approval of Chief of Police or designee)

Traffic Control Devices:

  1. Traffic control devices shall be placed when the dumpster/container is placed on the roadway, and they shall be properly maintained by permitee during the time they are placed.
  2. Traffic control devices shall remain in place only as long as they are needed, and they shall be removed as soon as possible thereafter.
  3. TraWic control devices shall be correctly positioned, clean, legible, operative, and in good state of repair. The reflective sheeting is not permitted to be scratched, scarred dirty or show evidence of loss of reflectivity. They shall be repositioned, cleaned repaired, and replaced when necessary to maintain their effectiveness.
  4. Devices shall be positioned to provide for a smooth and gradual transition of traffic around the dumpster/container.
  5. Devices shall be constructed so as not to inflict undue damage to a vehicle that strikes them inadvertently.
  6. Only cones (28"to36"), drums, Type I or II Barricades, or minicades shall be used as traffic control devices. Devices shall have reflective sheeting.
  7. In addition to the traffic control devices, the dumpster must display reflective material mounted on each of its corners.
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