Local Distraction Burglaries

Please be aware that multiple Distraction Burglaries have been attempted in the area recently. Multiple suspects are posing as utility workers or have come up with other simple ruses to deceive people to gain access to their homes.

Please be vigilant and do not let anyone into your home or unlock your door to anyone that raises suspicions. If they identify themselves as utility workers, don't be afraid to ask them to show identification and ask them to stay outside until you call the utility company to verify them. Look out a window or peep hole to verify a utility vehicle. Don't be afraid to be rude in the process of making them wait until you verify.

Do not fall into letting your guard down for somebody asking for a glass of water, assistance for a broken down vehicle, a need to use the restroom, or assistance with a lost pet. If you are unsure, ask them to leave and call the police if you feel endangered.