On April 7th, 2020; Newville Police received a call about a potential Facebook scam.  The caller informed Officers that they were contacted via Facebook by one of their friends accounts, which had been hacked. The message was in reference to the stimulus package that President Trump is going to issue.  The scammer informed the victim that they needed to be verified for this stimulus package, and to contact an attorney at 218-203-1326.  The victim did call the number and spoke with a male with a foreign accent, who confirmed that she would receive $3,000 as soon as she paid with a $200 Amazon Gift Card.  Luckily, the victim knew that this was a scam; and did not provide any information, nor did they buy an Amazon Gift Card. 

If you receive such a message from any Facebook, or any other social media account, please be aware that this is a scam and that you will never be asked to buy a gift card in order to receive a financial reward.